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Juror Selection and Nominations

Judging of each year’s Medical Design Excellence Awards is conducted by an independent panel of jurors—comprised of a balance of clinicians, engineers, and designers—who carefully review all of the submissions and narrow them down to a select group of exceptional products in each of the competition’s 10 categories.

The jury panel typically encompasses experts from a wide range of healthcare- and design-related fields, including clinical practice, biomedical engineering, human factors, industrial design, manufacturing, and other areas. Recommendations of potential MDEA jurors come from a wide variety of sources, including academic and professional organizations, industry associations, and previous jurors.

Members of the MDEA jury are selected each year by a panel of medical industry editors from UBM Canon MedTech Group’s Content Team and from the MDEA’s sponsoring publication, MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry) magazine. These editors select each year’s jurors as necessary to provide balanced expertise for the competition’s 10 categories. Because the editors recognize that the quality of the MDEA program depends on the quality of the jurors selected, they look for candidates who have solid experience in and knowledge of the medical device industry. The jury selection panel equally values the participation of individuals who have demonstrated their concern for the industry and who will add depth and diversity of expertise to the judging process.

When considering juror nominees, UBM Canon’s editors pay particular attention to the need for a balanced, multidisciplinary, and impartial jury. For this reason, jurors cannot be affiliated with a company that is submitting a product for consideration. Entries are not accepted from sponsoring companies or from jurors, their companies, or those companies’ subsidiaries, in the year they act as sponsors or jurors. Any product thus disqualified may be entered in a subsequent year. Such independence and impartiality is a leading reason for the industry wide acceptance and success that the MDEA program has enjoyed. MDEA jurors—past and present—have set a high standard for judging excellence and fair competition.

  • Selection of jurors usually begins in the fall and is completed by the end of each calendar year.
  • Jurors are typically appointed for a term of two years, renewable after a one-year absence.
  • Judging of the MDEA competition typically takes place at a Southern California venue over Presidents’ Day weekend (Saturday through Monday).
  • UBM Canon pays for juror travel, accommodations, and meals related to the MDEA program.

Juror Nominations

The following information is provided for those who wish to nominate a potential MDEA juror, or would like to be considered as potential juror themselves.

Selection of jurors usually begins in the fall and is completed by the end of each calendar year. To be considered in the next round of jury selection, nominees should complete and return the Juror Nomination Form together with their current curriculum vitae or resume. Materials should be sent to Heather Thompson, Editor-in-Chief for MD+DI, UBM Canon, via e-mail ( The materials will be considered current and reviewable for two years, after which they must be updated in order for the nominee to continue being considered for a juror appointment.

Most of the questions that juror nominees might have about the MDEA competition are addressed in this website. If you have additional questions about the MDEA program or the judging process, contact Heather Thompson, Editor-in-Chief for MD+DI, UBM Canon, via e-mail ( or phone (310-445-8593).

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