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2006 Winners and their Suppliers

The following 26 products have been named winners in the 2006 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. Submitting companies were presented with either gold or silver awards at the MDEA ceremony, held in June during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2006 Conference and Exposition, in New York City. Suppliers honored in connection with these winning products earned the exclusive right to use the designation “Supplier to a 2006 MDEA Winner.”

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Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

  • Rad-57 portable pulse CO-oximeter Rad-57 portable pulse CO-oximeter, manufactured and entered by Masimo Corp. (Irvine, CA). The Rad-57 is the world’s first pulse CO-oximeter. Designed for emergency medicine use, the portable unit rapidly, accurately, and noninvasively measures oxygen saturation, heart rate, and the percentage of carboxyhemoglobin in the bloodstream. Supply and design credit to Analog Devices (Norwood, MA).

  • Rugged Power-Pro XT ambulance cot Rugged Power-Pro XT ambulance cot, manufactured and entered by Stryker EMS (Portage, MI). The Power-Pro XT ambulance cot is a wheeled transport device with powered lifting capability that eliminates the burden of lifting patients to facilitate transport, handling, and treatment. It is used by emergency response units throughout the world. Supply and design credit to Control Solutions Inc. (Naperville, IL).

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

  • DenLite DP5000 illuminated dental mirror DenLite DP5000 illuminated dental mirror, manufactured and entered by Welch Allyn Inc. (Skaneateles Falls, NY). The DenLite DP5000 is an illuminated dental mirror providing the dental professional with superior cordless intraoral illumination. Supply and design credit to Alliance Precision Plastics (Rochester, NY) and Egli Machine (Sidney, NY).

  • Image-Guided Implantology system Image-Guided Implantology system, manufactured and entered by DenX Advanced Dental Systems Ltd. (Jerusalem). The Image-Guided Implantology system is a computerized navigational system that assists in the preoperative and intraoperative phases of dental implantation surgery, accurately guiding surgical instruments according to a CT-based presurgical plan.

General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products

  • Cortrak feeding-tube placement system Cortrak feeding-tube placement system, manufactured and entered by Viasys Healthcare/Medsystems (Wheeling, IL). The Cortrak system uses an electromagnetic sensing device to track feeding tubes during placement procedures. The system consists of three major parts: a monitor, a stylet, and a receiver unit to track the position of the stylet during placement. Supply and design credit to Designmakers Pty. Ltd. (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) and Micronix Pty. Ltd. (Parkside, South Australia, Australia).
  • CrossJect single-use needle-free injection system CrossJect single-use needle-free injection system, manufactured and entered by CrossJect SA (Paris). The CrossJect needle-free injection system is a single-use, prefilled device designed to perform subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intradermal injections. Its modular design can be customized for various injection routes and volumes from 0.2 to 1 ml. Supply and design credit to InterDesign Sarl (Paris).
  • IVantage volumetric ambulatory infusion system IVantage volumetric ambulatory infusion system, manufactured and entered by Delphi Medical Systems (Troy, MI). IVantage is a programmable ambulatory infusion system suited for use in hospitals and alternate-care sites, including patient homes, nursing homes, and outpatient facilities. The system’s rotary cassette incorporates an anti-free-flow protection device. Supply and design credit to Debiotech (Lausanne, Switzerland).
  • OmniPod insulin management system OmniPod insulin management system, manufactured and entered by Insulet Corp. (Bedford, MA). The OmniPod insulin management system delivers insulin at preprogrammed rates to people with diabetes. The system includes a handheld personal diabetes manager that communicates wirelessly to a three-day wearable insulin delivery device. Supply and design credit to Bay Computer Associates Inc. (Cranston, RI), Design Continuum Inc. (West Newton, MA), and Phillips Plastics (Hudson, WI).

Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

  • Gynecare Prolift pelvic floor repair system Gynecare Prolift pelvic floor repair system, manufactured and entered by Ethicon Inc. (Somerville, NJ). Gynecare Prolift total, anterior, and posterior pelvic floor repair systems are indicated for tissue reinforcement and long-lasting stabilization of fascial structures of the pelvic floor in vaginal wall prolapse where surgical treatment is intended. Supply and design credit to Medi-Line SA (Angleur, Belgium) and Ruetschi Technology AG (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland).
  • Nucleus Freedom system Nucleus Freedom system, manufactured and entered by Cochlear (Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia). The Nucleus Freedom system restores hearing to people with profound hearing loss. Sounds picked up by a processor behind the ear are transmitted by radio to the implant. The implanted electrodes stimulate the cochlear nerve and this is perceived as sound. Supply and design credit to Crystalaid (Newstead, Queensland, Australia), Helbling Technik AG (Liebefeld-Bern, Switzerland), Philips Digital Signal Labs (Leuven, Belgium), and Semtech (Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

In Vitro Diagnostic Products and Systems

  • Afinion AS100 analyzer Afinion AS100 analyzer, manufactured and entered by Axis-Shield PoC AS (Oslo, Norway). The Afinion AS100 analyzer is a benchtop multiassay analyzer for in vitro diagnostic point-of-care testing. Test cartridges are currently available for glycated hemoglobin and C-reactive protein. Supply and design credit to Carclo Technical Plastics (Mitcham, Surrey, UK), Epsilon Perspectives Design AB (Göteborg, Sweden), Sortimat (Winnenden, Germany), and Teleca Sweden East AB (Stockholm).
  • CellTracks analyzer II CellTracks analyzer II, manufactured and entered by Immunicon Corp. (Huntingdon Valley, PA). The CellTracks analyzer II is a semiautomated fluorescence microscope used to count and characterize fluorescently labeled cells that are immunomagnetically selected and aligned. It is used with the CellTracks AutoPrep system and specific reagent kits. Supply and design credit to HS Design Inc. (Gladstone, NJ).
  • IDI-MRSA assay IDI-MRSA assay, manufactured and entered by Becton Dickinson Diagnostics-GeneOhm (San Diego). The IDI-MRSA assay is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for the direct detection of nasal colonization by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Using real-time PCR, the assay detects MRSA DNA in less than two hours.

Medical Product Packaging, Graphic Instructions, and Labeling Systems

  • NanoCool controlled-temperature shipping system NanoCool controlled-temperature shipping system, manufactured and entered by NanoCool LLC (Albuquerque). The NanoCool shipping system provides controlled-temperature shipping in the 2–8°C range. Designed especially for temperature-sensitive products, it is suitable for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical shipping applications.

Over-The-Counter and Self-Care Products

  • Swing breast pump Swing breast pump, manufactured and entered by Medela Inc. (McHenry, IL). Swing is a compact, lightweight, and portable personal-use breast pump for expressing breast milk. Operable with AC or battery power, it employs a two-phase expression technology to produce more milk in less time. Supply and design credit to Milani Design & Consulting SA (Erlenbach, Switzerland).

Radiological and Electromechanical Devices

  • CereTom mobile computed tomography scanner CereTom mobile computed tomography scanner, manufactured and entered by NeuroLogica Corp. (Danvers, MA). The CereTom mobile computed tomography (CT) scanner is a compact, lightweight, mobile, high-speed, battery and line-powered multislice CT scanner optimized for scanning anatomy that can be imaged in the 25 cm field of view, primarily the head and neck. Supply and design credit to A & A Testing Laboratory (Danvers, MA), Altronics Manufacturing Inc. (Hudson, NH), American Design Co. (Bradford, MA), Ault Design and Communications Inc. (Bedford, MA), Barco (Edinburgh, UK), Jaco Electronics (Wilmington, MA), Martek Power (Torrance, CA), Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp. (Hauppauge, NY), and Varian (Salt Lake City).
  • HD lower-leg array coil HD lower-leg array coil, manufactured and entered by GE Healthcare, Coils Division (Aurora, OH). The HD lower-leg array coil has been designed to offer minimal or noninvasive, high-quality, high-resolution magnetic resonance angiography of the lower leg with minimal risks and side effects and high diagnostic confidence and patient comfort.
  • SureFlex laser lithotripsy fibers SureFlex laser lithotripsy fibers, manufactured and entered by IQinc (Phoenix). SureFlex laser lithotripsy fibers are small-core optical fibers for holmium lasers, offering unimpeded access to lower pole kidney stones without risk to laser optics or ureteroscopes, while permitting the use of full therapeutic laser power.

Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products

  • Cleo 90 infusion set Cleo 90 infusion set, manufactured and entered by Smiths Medical MD Inc. (St. Paul, MN). The Cleo 90 infusion set connects diabetics to their life-supporting insulin pumps. The set includes a cannula inserter that retracts to store the needle and tubing that delivers insulin from the pump, making insertion and use easy and comfortable. Supply and design credit to Bridge Design (San Francisco), Modified Polymer Components Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), and Precision Gasket Co. (Edina, MN).
  • eFlow electronic nebulizer eFlow electronic nebulizer, manufactured by Pari GmbH (Munich, Germany). Entry submitted by eFlow LLC (Monterey, CA). A portable electronic nebulizer, eFlow delivers aerosol medications to the lungs in less than 3 min. Indications include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus, and systemic therapies. Supply and design credit to Eckstein Product Design (Munich, Germany).
  • Impact solar-powered hearing aid battery recharger Impact solar-powered hearing aid battery recharger, manufactured by Project Impact (Berkeley, CA). Entry submitted by Bridge Design (San Francisco). The Impact solar-powered hearing aid battery recharger can operate using either sunlight alone or DC input. Its low cost and portability help overcome financial and environmental constraints to bring modern hearing aids to users in developing nations. Supply and design credit to Bridge Design, Iowa Thin Film Technologies Inc. (Boone, IA), Moonpo Development Ltd. (Shatin N.T., Hong Kong), Peridot Corp. (Pleasanton, CA), Sector Technology (Cupertino, CA), and Solid Concepts (Poway, CA).
  • Inogen One oxygen concentrator system Inogen One oxygen concentrator system, manufactured and entered by Inogen Inc. (Goleta, CA). The Inogen One oxygen concentrator system fulfills the duties of stationary, portable-ambulatory, and traveling oxygen devices. It can operate from AC, DC, and battery sources, permitting users to transition easily between power sources as needed. Supply and design credit to Adsorption Research Inc. (Dublin, OH), Launchpoint LLC (Goleta, CA), Medical Electronic Devices (Torrance, CA), Norgren Inc. (Anaheim, CA), Omnica Inc. (Irvine, CA), and Totex USA Inc. (Torrance, CA).

Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies

  • 360° Fascia Closure Device 360° Fascia Closure Device, manufactured by SuturTek Inc. (North Chelmsford, MA). Entry submitted by Bleck Design Group (North Chelmsford, MA). The 360° Fascia Closure Device is an ergonomic, reusable mechanical suturing device that employs single-use disposable suture cartridges to enable surgeons to close surgical wounds safely, easily, and quickly. Supply and design credit to Bleck Design Group and Lacey Manufacturing Inc. (Bridgeport, CT).
  • PassPort shielded trocar PassPort shielded trocar, manufactured by Patton Surgical (Austin, TX). Entry submitted by IncisionTech (Staunton, VA). The PassPort shielded trocar with SmartTip is a laparoscopic access device that allows for controlled abdominal-wall penetration yet blunt entry. It eliminates the risks posed by shielded and bladeless trocars. Supply and design credit to Atrion Medical (Arab, AL), BCD (Meridian, TX), and IncisionTech.
  • SpineJet MicroResector SpineJet MicroResector, manufactured and entered by HydroCision Inc. (Billerica, MA). The SpineJet MicroResector allows minimally invasive surgical access to the spine using high- velocity water to cut and aspirate the herniated disk. Disk decompressions that had required hospitalization can be performed in an outpatient setting. Supply and design credit to David M. Fischer Consulting (Waltham, MA), Farm Design (Hollis, NH), LFI Inc. (Smithfield, RI), and Neu-Tool Design Inc. (Wilmington, MA).
  • Straightshot M4 microdebrider Straightshot M4 microdebrider, manufactured by Medtronic ENT (Jacksonville, FL). Entry submitted by Metaphase Design Group Inc. (St. Louis). The Straightshot M4 microdebrider is an ergonomically designed surgical handpiece that improves access to the maxillary sinus, frontal sinus, and vocal folds for the removal of polyps, bone, and mucosa during nasal sinus and laryngeal surgery. Supply and design credit to Metaphase Design Group.

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