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2004 Winners and their Suppliers

The following 28 products were named winners in the 2004 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. Submitting companies were presented with either gold or silver awards at the MDEA ceremony, which was held in June during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2004 Conference and Exposition, in New York City. Suppliers honored in connection with these winning products earn the exclusive right to use the designation “Supplier to a 2004 MDEA Winner.”

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Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

  • Audicor cardiograph expansion system Audicor cardiograph expansion system, manufactured by Inovise Medical Inc. (Newberg, OR). The Audicor cardiograph expansion system provides primary-care and emergency medicine physicans with automated detection and reporting of heart sounds and ECG information, aiding in timely diagnosis of CHF, ACS, MI, and LVH. Supply and design credit to Andrews-Cooper Technology (McMinnville, OR), Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (Long Beach, CA), Oliver Products Co. (Grand Rapids, MI), and Sirius Design & Technology (McMinnville, OR).
  • LifePort kidney transporter LifePort kidney transporter, manufactured by Organ Recovery System (Des Plaines, IL). Entry submitted by IDEO (Chicago, IL). The LifePort kidney transporter perfuses kidneys with cold physiologic solution to improve organ condition during transport to transplant recipients. Supply and design credit to IDEO, Wi Inc. (Englewood, CO), and Zevex (Salt Lake City).

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

  • BiteStrip disposable bruxism test BiteStrip disposable bruxism test, manufactured by SLP Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel). The BiteStrip is a disposable electronic home test for sleep bruxism. It monitors the EMG signals of jaw muscles during sleep, counting episodes of clenching and grinding in real time. Results are presented on the test’s built-in permanent display.
  • PrepMaster disposable air abrasion instrument PrepMaster disposable air abrasion instrument, manufactured by Groman Inc. (Margate, FL). The PrepMaster is a disposable air abrasion instrument that enables dentists to perform all classes of cavity preparation and therapeutic surface etching, yet has a low unit price that makes disposability feasible. Supply and design credit to A&G Plastics Inc. (Hialeah Gardens, FL), Global Thermoforming & Engineering (Miami), K-Tube Corp. (Poway, CA), Lasereliance Inc. (Longwood, FL), and The R&D Group Inc. (Coconut Creek, FL).

General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products

  • Algo 3i newborn hearing screener Algo 3i newborn hearing screener, manufactured by Natus Medical Inc. (San Carlos, CA). The Algo 3i newborn hearing screener is a portable, handheld device used to screen the hearing of infants between the ages of 34 weeks corrected gestational age and six months. Supply and design credit to ACTiSYS (Fremont, CA), Electro Alliance Inc. (Hollister, CA), Elpac Power Systems (Irvine, CA), GCX Corp. (Suisan City, CA), Pemstar/Pacific Consultants Inc. (San Jose), SMAC/Bay View Funding (San Francisco), and Worldwide Manufacturing (San Bruno, CA).
  • Aquadex System 100 fluid removal system Aquadex System 100 fluid removal system, manufactured by CHF Solutions Inc. (Brooklyn Park, MN). The System 100 simply, safely, and precisely removes up to 4 L of fluid over 8 hours from patients with fluid overload. It consists of a microprocesser-controlled console, disposable extracorporeal blood circuit, and venous access catheters. Supply and design credit to B. Braun Medical (Plymouth, MN), Bunzl Extrusion Massachusetts Inc./Pexco Medical Products (Northborough, MA), CarTika Medical (Plymouth, MN), Colder Products Co. (St. Paul, MN), DataKey Electronics Inc. (Minneapolis), Design Catapult (Los Alamitos, CA), Donbar Industries (Long Valley, NJ), Dunn Industries (Manchester, NH), EAD Motors (Dover, NH), Genesis Medical Technology, a div. of Scientific Generics (Owings Mills, MD), Grove Engineering (Buskirk, NY), Halkey-Roberts (St. Petersburg, FL), Harding Energy (Norton Shores, MI), Indulgent Technologies (Stow, MA), Integrated Power Design (Wilkes-Barre, PA), InterV/Manan Medical Products Inc. (Wheeling, IL), Introtek (Edgewood, NY), John Smith Medical Device Engineering (Oceanside, CA), Merit Medical Systems Inc. (South Jordan, UT), Method Associates Inc. (Keyport, NJ), Minnetech (Minneapolis), MJL Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. (Escondido, CA), Pelham Plastics (Pelham, NH), Quality Mold and Design (Londonderry, NH), Smtek International Inc. (Marlborough, MA), Sonny Behan Consulting (Duluth, GA), Spectrum Laboratories Inc. (Rancho Dominguez, CA), TriVirix International Inc. (Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom), Venetec International Inc. (San Diego), and YY Design (New York City).
  • Avalon CTS cordless fetal transducer system Avalon CTS cordless fetal transducer system, manufactured by Philips Medizin Systeme GmbH (Boeblingen, Germany). The Avalon CTS cordless fetal transducer system provides for continuous, cordless patient monitoring in the antepartum period and during labor and delivery. Supply and design credit to Kunststoff Christel GmbH & Co. (Bad Durrheim, Germany), and W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH (Putzbrunn/Munchen, Germany).
  • Syndeo patient-controlled analgesia syringe pump Syndeo patient-controlled analgesia syringe pump, manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corp. (Round Lake, IL). The Syndeo patient-controlled analgesia syringe pump is designed for the safe and precise delivery of analgesic, sedative, and anesthetic solutions in hospital or alternative medical environments. Supply and design credit to Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. (Chicago), and Insight Product Development (Chicago).
  • Zassi bowel management system Zassi bowel management system, manufactured by Zassi Medical Evolutions Inc. (Fernandina Beach, FL). The Zassi bowel management system is a catheter and collection bag system designed to safely and reliably divert and contain potentially harmful fecal waste produced by bedridden or immobilized patients. Supply and design credit to Command Medical Products (Ormond Beach, FL), Cycles Inc. (Sterling, MA), Jamak Fabrication Inc. (Weatherford, TX), Parylene Coating Services (Katy, TX), Yeungnam University Medical Center (Daegu, South Korea), and Yushin Medical Co. Ltd. (Bucheon City, South Korea).

Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

  • bion microstimulator bion microstimulator, manufactured by Advanced Bionics Corp. (Valencia, CA). The bion microstimulator is a miniature, self-contained, rechargeable implantable neurostimulator intended to treat a wide variety of diseases through direct electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves and muscles. Supply and design credit to Al Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering, USC (Los Angeles), Alfred Mann Foundation (Valencia, CA), and Quallion (Sylmar, CA).

In Vitro Diagnostic Products and Systems

  • CellTracks AutoPrep system CellTracks AutoPrep system, manufactured by Immunicon Corp. (Huntingdon Valley, PA). The CellTracks AutoPrep system is used with immunomagnetic reagents that capture target cells, and labeling reagents that differentiate them. The first application is based on isolation and characterization of rare circulating tumor cells. Supply and design credit to Astro Instrumentation LLC (Strongsville, OH), and HS Design Inc. (Gladstone, NJ).
  • Paradigm Link blood glucose meter Paradigm Link blood glucose meter, developed jointly by Becton Dickinson Medical, Diabetes Care (Franklin Lakes, NJ), Medtronic MiniMed (Northridge, CA), and Nova Biomedical (Waltham, MA), and manufactured for Becton Dickinson Medical, Diabetes Care and Medtronic MiniMed by Nova Biomedical. The Paradigm Link blood glucose meter is the world’s first untethered wireless glucose meter that provides bidirectional communication between a glucose meter and insulin pump. Supply and design credit to Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. (Chicago), Medtronic MiniMed, and Nova Biomedical.
  • ThinPrep imaging system ThinPrep imaging system, manufactured by Cytyc Corp. (Boxborough, MA). Entry submitted by Battelle Healthcare Products (Columbus, OH). The ThinPrep imaging system is a fully integrated, interactive computer system that assists cytotechnologists and cytopathologists in the primary screening and diagnosis of ThinPrep Pap test slides. Supply and design credit to Battelle Healthcare Products.
  • VersaTrek automated microbial detection system VersaTrek automated microbial detection system, manufactured by Trek Diagnostic Systems Inc. (Cleveland). Entry submitted by Plexus Technology Group (Neenah, WI). The VersaTrek automated microbial detection system is a clinical laboratory instrument that combines blood culture, sterile body fluid culturing, mycobacterial detection, and mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility testing in a single platform. Supply and design credit to Mayville Engineering Co. (Mayville, WI), and Plexus Technology Group.

Medical Product Packaging, Graphic Instructions, and Labeling Systems

  • Dermabond topical adhesive ProPen XL Dermabond topical adhesive ProPen XL, manufactured by Closure Medical Corp. (Raleigh, NC). The ProPen XL applicator system is a disposable, sterile, single-use medical device delivery system for Dermabond topical skin adhesive designed for precision application of liquid adhesive technology replacing sutures and staples in surgical procedures. Supply and design credit to GW Plastics Inc. (Bethel, VT).

Over-The-Counter and Self-Care Products

  • HealthWear weight loss system HealthWear weight loss system, developed and manufactured by BodyMedia Inc. (Pittsburgh) and marketed by Roche Diagnostics Corp. (Indianapolis). HealthWear is a weight loss system consisting of a small wearable monitor, Internet application, and advanced algorithms for a personalized self-care calorie balance system. Supply and design credit to K Development Inc. (Erie, PA), Millennia Technologies Inc. (Cheswick, PA), Nypro ADC (Elmhurst, IL), and Theron Inc. (Carmel, IN).
  • Vicks underarm thermometer Vicks underarm thermometer, manufactured by Kaz Inc. (New York City). Entry submitted by Smart Design (New York City). The Vicks underarm thermometer accurately and comfortably takes the axillary temperature of children aged 2 to 7 years. It is especially suited for children too old for rectal measurements, yet too young to hold an oral thermometer. Supply and design credit to Smart Design.

Radiological and Electromechanical Devices

  • Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter and CryoConsole Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter and CryoConsole, manufactured by CryoCath Technologies Inc. (Montreal, QC, Canada). Entry submitted by Morelli Designers (Montreal, QC, Canada). The Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter and CryoConsole system achieves cryotherapeutic temperatures as low as -75 degrees C, providing electrophysiologists with a precise, minimally invasive solution for treating cardiac arrythmias. Supply and design credit to Morelli Designers.

  • CT Exprés advanced contrast media delivery system CT Exprés advanced contrast media delivery system, manufactured by Swiss Medical Care, SA (Lausanne, Switzerland). The CT Exprés is an advanced contrast media delivery system for computed tomography, providing multidosing and programmable saline flush for applications in both the public and private imaging markets. Supply and design credit to Debiotech, SA (Lausanne, Switzerland), LRE Technology Partner GmbH (Nordlingen, Germany), and Medisize (Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland).
  • Partner Rhythm Assistant Partner Rhythm Assistant, manufactured by Guidant Corp. (Indianapolis). Entry submitted by Worrell Inc. (Eden Prairie, MN). The Partner Rhythm Assistant is a handheld device for patient control of atrial defibrillation therapy used in conjunction with Guidant’s Vitality AVT implanted defibrillator. Supply and design credit to Worrell Inc.

  • Secca fecal incontinence treatment system Secca fecal incontinence treatment system, manufactured by Curon Medical Inc. (Fremont, CA). The Secca fecal incontinence treatment system comprises a radiofrequency generating control module and a disposable handpiece for delivering therapy. It is used to perform a minimally invasive outpatient procedure to decrease fecal incontinence. Supply and design credit to Ambrit Engineering Inc. (Santa Ana, CA), D & N Precision Inc. (San Jose), Innerstep (Fremont, CA), MOS Plastics (San Jose), and Watson-Marlow Pumps (Wilmington, MA).

Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products

  • Hand Mentor rehabilitation system Hand Mentor rehabilitation system, manufactured by Kinetic Muscles Inc. (Tempe, AZ). The Hand Mentor aids in the restoration of hand function of people who have experienced a stroke or other neurological injury. Supply and design credit to Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ).
  • Omega T-Ring CAD tool Omega T-Ring CAD tool, manufactured by Ohio Willow Wood (Mount Sterling, OH). The Omega T-Ring is a CAD tool meant for use by a prosthetic or orthotic practitioner in the fabrication of custom-fitted lower-limb prosthetic sockets, replacing the use of plaster for capturing the shape of a patient’s residual limb.
  • Storm Series TDX5 power wheelchair Storm Series TDX5 power wheelchair, manufactured by Invacare Inc. (Elyria, OH). The TDX5 is a configurable power wheelchair that provides independent mobility for pediatric to geriatric individuals with disabilities. The chair includes five technologies: center-wheel drive, SureStep, stability lock, TrueTrack, and MK5 electronics.

Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies

  • Diego powered dissector Diego powered dissector, manufactured by Gyrus ENT LLC (Bartlett, TN). Entry submitted by IDEO (Palo Alto, CA). Diego is a powered tissue dissector for ear, nose, and throat surgery with the patient under general anesthetic. It incorporates an electrically powered handpiece and single-use, disposable cutting blades and burrs. Supply and design credit to IDEO.
  • Endoscopic Full-Thickness Plicator Endoscopic Full-Thickness Plicator, manufactured by NDO Surgical (Mansfield, MA). Entry submitted by Item New Product Development (Providence, RI). The Endoscopic Full-Thickness Plicator is designed to grasp, retract, fold, and fixate tissue near a weakened lower esophageal sphincter as a treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease. Supply and design credit to BarenBoym Co. (Framingham, MA), DaTuM 3D (Watertown, MA), Item New Product Development, and Optimum Technologies (Southbridge, MA).
  • Indigo Optima laser system Indigo Optima laser system, manufactured by Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. (Cincinnati). The Indigo Optima laser system consists of a diode laser and unique diffusing fiber optics to provide office-based, minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia using a thermotherapy process known as interstitial laser coagulation. Supply and design credit to Elcan Optical Technologies, a Raytheon Co. (Midland, ON, Canada), Plexus Corp. (Neenah, WI), and Product Council Ltd. (Chicago).
  • microTargeting Platform System microTargeting Platform System, manufactured by FHC Inc. (Bowdoinham, ME). The microTargeting Platform System is a software-driven planning system that enables neurosurgeons to rapidly and accurately design and fabricate a customized mounting interface and navigational tool for a particular patient and stereotactic procedure. Supply and design credit to Aerohydro Inc. (Southwest Harbor, ME), Harvest Technologies (Belton, TX), IVS Solutions AG (Chemnitz, Germany), StarFix Inc. (Portland, ME), and Z-Kat Inc. (Hollywood, FL).

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