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2002 Winners and their Suppliers

The following 28 products were named winners in the 2002 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. Submitting companies were presented with either gold or silver awards at the MDEA ceremony, which was held in June during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2002 Conference and Exposition, in New York City. Suppliers honored in connection with these winning products earn the exclusive right to use the designation “Supplier to a 2002 MDEA Winner.”

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Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

  • SpeedBlocks head immobilizer SpeedBlocks head immobilizer, manufactured and entered by Laerdal Medical Corp. (Wappingers Falls, NY). The SpeedBlocks head immobilizer is used by emergency medical personnel to immobilize a patientís head, and consequently the spine, reducing aggravation of any potential spinal cord injury during patient transport. Supply and design credit to Machineart Corex (Hoboken, NJ).

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

  • Elipar FreeLight cordless LED curing light Elipar FreeLight cordless LED curing light, manufactured and entered by 3M ESPE AG (Seefeld, Germany). Designed for desktop use, the Elipar FreeLight uses blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in place of halogen bulbs, significantly reducing electrical power consumption and heat production, and thereby eliminating the need for a fan to cool the handpiece. Supply and design credit to Neumeister Design (Munich, Germany).
  • HealOzone TEC3 HealOzone TEC3, manufactured and entered by Micro Motors (Santa Ana, CA). The HealOzone TEC3 treats dental caries with a 10-second ozone application, eliminating drill-and-fill treatment and reducing the time patients spend in the dentistís chair from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Invisalign teeth-straightening system Invisalign teeth-straightening system, manufactured and entered by Align Technology Inc. (Santa Clara, CA). The Invisalign teeth-straightening system is a method of straightening teeth that uses a three-dimensional clinical model of treatment and clear, removable aligners that gradually move teeth to a desired final position. Supply and design credit to Design Concepts (Madison, WI) and Fitting Image (San Leandro, CA).

General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products

  • GSI Audioscreener GSI Audioscreener, manufactured by GSI Viasys Healthcare (Madison, WI). Entry submitted by Everest Biomedical Instruments Co. (Chesterfield, MO). The GSI Audioscreener is a battery-operated, handheld hearing screening instrument designed to automatically and rapidly determine the presence or absence of hearing impairment while eliminating the need for special acoustically treated rooms. It conducts two tests: one based on auditory brainstem response and one based on distortion product otoacoustic emissions. Supply and design credit to Etymotic Research (Elk Grove Village, IL), Everest Biomedical Instruments Co. (Chesterfield, MO)., and Siemens Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Freeburg, IL).
  • OxiFirst fetal pulse oximetry system OxiFirst fetal pulse oximetry system, manufactured and entered by Nellcor (Pleasanton, CA). The OxiFirst fetal pulse oximetry system is designed as an adjunct to fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring to help reassure the obstetric team that the fetus is well oxygenated during periods of a non-reassuring FHR.
  • TherOx AO System TherOx AO system, manufactured and entered by TherOx Inc. (Irvine, CA). The TherOx AO system hyperoxygenates a patientís blood with aqueous oxygen (AO), and then delivers the hyperoxygenated blood to oxygen-deprived areas of the heart following a heart attack.
  • Welch Allyn Ear Wash system Welch Allyn Ear Wash system, manufactured and entered by Welch Allyn Inc. (Skaneatekes Falls, NY). The Welch Allyn Ear Wash system removes impacted earwax from a patientís ear canal utilizing a unique hydrovac action that provides irrigation with suction. For use in any healthcare setting with an adequate faucet. Supply and design credit to Alliance Fastener Co. (East Syracuse, NY), Anoplate Corp. (Syracuse, NY), Halkey Roberts (St. Petersburg, FL), Midstate Spring (Syracuse, NY), Nordon Tool and Mold Inc. (Rochester, NY), Precision Controls (Ann Arbor, MI), Precision Extrusion Inc. (Glens Falls, NY), Smart Products Inc. (San Jose), and XTO Corp. (Liverpool, NY).

Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

  • Ancure endograft system Ancure endograft system, manufactured by Guidant Corp. (Menlo Park, CA). Entry submitted by Stirling Design (Aptos, CA). The Ancure endograft system is an endovascular technology for repairing abdominal aortic aneurysms which is guided through a blood vessel in the leg up into the aorta where the endograft implant is deployed inside the aneurysm. Supply and design credit to Bayer Plastics (Leverkusen, Germany), Phillips Plastic Corp. (Hudson, WI), and Stirling Design.
  • Dermagraft Dermagraft TransCyte skin replacement 2002, manufactured by Advanced Tissue Sciences (La Jolla, CA). Entry submitted by IDEO (Palo Alto, CA + Chicago, IL). Dermagraft is a cryopreserved, tissue-engineered, allogeneic, human dermal replacement that provides healthy, metabolically active tissue for application to chronic wounds to enhance wound closure. Supply and design credit to IDEO.
  • On-X Valve On-X Valve, manufactured and entered by Medical Carbon Research Institute (Austin, TX). The On-X Valve is a mechanical, heart valve prosthesis that mimics the function of the natural human valve so that hemodynamic clinical results are nearly equivalent.
  • Strata CSF shunt Strata CSF shunt, manufactured and entered by Medtronic Neurosurgery (Goleta, CA). The Strata CSF shunt is a shunt component providing controlled flow of cerebrospinal fluid from ventricles of the brain to the peritoneal cavity in the treatment of hydrocephalus and addressing changing patient needs within a noninvasive physician office environment. Supply and design credit to Hauser Inc. (Westlake Village, CA).

In Vitro Diagnostic Products and Systems

  • Accu-Chek Compact Accu-Chek Compact, manufactured by Roche Diagnostics Corp. (Mannheim, Germany). Entry submitted by Design Continuum Inc. (West Newton, MA). The Accu-Chek Compact is a compact, handheld, portable device, which measures blood glucose levels as part of a diabetes management regimen for the chronic diabetic. Supply and design credit to Design Continuum.

Medical Product Packaging, Graphic Instructions, and Labeling Systems

  • Duplex drug delivery system Duplex drug delivery system, manufactured and entered by B. Braun Medical Inc. (Irvine, CA). The Duplex drug delivery system is a customizable, multicompartment, flexible, plastic IV container that stores a unit dose of diluent and drug powder separately in the same container. To mix the contents, the user squeezes the diluent compartment to pop seals separating the drug and diluent. The system significantly reduces potential for medication errors, virtually eliminates mixing labor, and is suitable for short stability drugs.
  • Kryotrans transport system Kryotrans transport system, manufactured and entered by Kryotrans Ltd. (London). The Kryotrans transport system is an integrated reusable system for the transport of temperature-sensitive materials, providing a complete record of product and ambient trip temperatures, and any accessing of the container data, via an integral data logger. The system does not require an external power supply to maintain products within the specified temperature range.

Over-The-Counter and Self-Care Products

  • DuraShock integrated aneroid sphygmomanometer DuraShock integrated aneroid sphygmomanometer, manufactured and entered by Welch Allyn Inc. (Skaneateles Falls, NY). DuraShock is a gear-free, shock-resistant aneroid sphygmomanometer that incorporates patented helix-spring technology. The gauge snaps directly into the blood pressure cuff and rotates 360į for easy reading on either arm, making the product suitable for use in medical environments where it may be handled roughly or dropped.
  • SimpleJect auto-injector system SimpleJect auto-injector system, manufactured by Owen Mumford Ltd. (Oxford, UK). Entry submitted by Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA). The SimpleJect auto-injector system, allows rheumatoid arthritis patients to easily and comfortably inject the correct dosage of medication in less than a minute. The system was developed jointly by Owen Mumford Ltd. and Amgen.
  • SleepStrip disposable sleep apnea screener SleepStrip disposable sleep apnea screener, manufactured and entered by SLP Ltd. (Tel-Aviv, Israel). The SleepStrip disposable sleep apnea screener, is a single-use, disposable, miniature sleep respiration screener for preliminary indication of sleep apnea syndrome, designed as a low-cost, self-use, home screener. Supply and design credit to Evrika Technologies Ltd. (Kibutz Glil Yam, Israel).

Radiological and Electromechanical Devices

  • DigitEyes laser slit lamp DigitEyes laser slit lamp, manufactured and entered by Bausch & Lomb (Salt Lake City). DigitEyes is a portable, handheld laser slit lamp used by a physician or technician to illuminate the anterior segment of the eye for close examination and documentation.
  • Given Diagnostic Imaging System featuring the M2A Capsule Given Diagnostic Imaging System featuring the M2A Capsule, manufactured and entered by Given Imaging Ltd. (Yoqneam, Israel). The Given Diagnostic Imaging System utilizes a miniaturized video camera contained in a capsule which is ingested by the patient to deliver high-quality color images of the inside of the gastrointestinal tract in a painless and minimally invasive manner.
  • OptiGo OptiGo, manufactured by Philips Medical Systems (Andover, MA). Entry submitted by Product Insight Inc. (Acton, MA). A portable, lightweight, durable, and battery-operated ultrasound device used to diagnose cardiac disease during a physical exam, facilitating earlier diagnosis and initiation of appropriate treatment and allowing physicians to order tests more selectively. Supply and design credit to Chicago White Metal (Bensenville, IL), Mack Molding (Arlington, VT), Product Insight Inc., and Tech-Etch Inc. (Plymouth, MA).
  • PanOptic ophthalmoscope PanOptic ophthalmoscope, manufactured and entered by Welch Allyn Inc. (Skaneateles Falls, NY). The PanOptic ophthalmoscope provides a 25į field-of-view, making it possible to see the different features of the fundus and identify disease states more efficiently than the standard scopeís 5į field-of-view. Supply and design credit to Chase Design (Skaneateles Falls, NY), Optical Coating Laboratory Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA), and Scientific Molding Corp (Somerset, WI).

Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products

  • Assura EasiClose drainable ostomy pouch Assura EasiClose drainable ostomy pouch, manufactured and entered by Coloplast (Marietta, GA). The Assura EasiClose is a drainable ostomy pouch with an integrated Velcro closure system that eliminates the need for clips and clamps providing comfort, cleanliness, and security to colostomates and ileostomates.

Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies

  • Cbyon Suite Cbyon Suite, manufactured and entered by Cbyon Inc. (Palo Alto, CA). The Cbyon Suite provides neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, and spine surgeons an image-guided surgery product, offering the ability to visualize internal anatomical structures that are beyond or behind their direct field of view by converting 2-D radiological images into a 3-D model of the patientís anatomy.

  • ESD Flexible Endoscopic Suturing Device ESD Flexible Endoscopic Suturing Device, submitted and manufactured by LSI Solutions (Victor, NY). The ESD Flexible Endoscopic Suturing Device provides a safe and effective means of utilizing long, narrow, flexible therapeutic instruments to ergonomically suture gastrointestinal tissue sites within approximately 70 cm of the mouth or anus. Supply and design credit to Wilson-Cook Medical Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC).
  • StealthStation Treon Treatment Guidance System StealthStation Treon treatment guidance system, manufactured by Medtronic SNT (Louisville, CO). Entry submitted by MPE-Inc. (Milwaukee, WI). The StealthStation Treon treatment guidance system is a surgical navigation system used in the operating theater by neurologic and orthopedic surgeons to guide surgical instruments. Supply and design credit to MPE-Inc.
  • Thermal Cautery Unit , model 150 Thermal Cautery Unit, model 150, manufactured and entered by Geiger Medical Technologies Inc. (Monarch Beach, CA). The Thermal Cautery Unit, model 150 is a surgical device designed to coagulate small bleeders and destroy lesions by applying high levels of heat via a wire. It is used primarily in the outpatient environment. Supply and design credit to 3gen LLC (Dana Point, CA) and Translite (Sugarland, TX).

  • UltraCision harmonic scalpel generator 300 UltraCision harmonic scalpel generator 300, manufactured by Ethicon Endo-Surgery (Cincinnati, OH). Entry submitted by Plexus Technology Group Inc. (Neenah, WI). The UltraCision harmonic scalpel generator 300 is used for surgical procedures in which soft tissue incisions will be made and in which bleeding control and minimal lateral thermal damage to tissue are desired. The product uses ultrasonic energy that allows both cutting and coagulation at the point of impact. Supply and design credit to Eastprint Inc. (North Andover, MA) and Plexus Technology Group Inc.

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