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2001 Winners and their Suppliers

The following 27 products were named winners in the 2001 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition. Submitting companies were presented with either gold or silver awards at the MDEA ceremony, which was held in June during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2001 Conference and Exposition, in New York City. Suppliers honored in connection with these winning products earn the exclusive right to use the designation “Supplier to a 2001 MDEA Winner.”

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Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

  • Life Support for Trauma and Transport (LSTAT) Life Support for Trauma and Transport (LSTAT), manufactured and entered by Integrated Medical Systems Inc. (Signal Hill, CA). The LSTAT is a portable, networked ICU and surgical table that functions as a ísmartí patient platform with an integrated defibrillator, ventilator, suction, fluid- and drug-infusion pump, blood chemistry analyzer, and patient monitoring systems.
  • Radical Signal Extraction Technology (SET) pulse oximeter Radical Signal Extraction Technology (SET) pulse oximeter, manufactured and entered by Masimo Corp. (Irvine, CA). The Radical SET pulse oximeter is a pulse oximetry system designed to noninvasively monitor functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate in adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients during motion and low perfusions. Supply and design credit to I.N. Incorporated (Los Alamitos, CA).
  • XCalibur mobile transporter 6 XCalibur mobile transporter 6, manufactured and entered by Ferno-Washington Inc. (Wilmington, OH). The XCalibur mobile transporter 6 is a patient transporter made from composite materials, making the unit light in weight but capable of bearing substantial loads.

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

  • BriteSmile 2000 BriteSmile 2000, manufactured by BriteSmile Inc. (Walnut Creek, CA). Entry submitted by IDEO Chicago (Chicago, IL). The BriteSmile 2000 is a tooth-whitening system that incorporates fiber-optic light emitters used to treat teeth with a whitening gel, requiring significantly less time than conventional methods. Supply and design credit to IDEO (Chicago, IL).
  • WaterPik Flosser WaterPik Flosser, manufactured by WaterPik Technologies (Ft. Collins, CO). Entry submitted by Volan Design (Boulder, CO). The WaterPik Flosser is a lightweight handheld device that uses a gentle filament action to reach between teeth and below the gum line to remove dental plaque associated with gingivitis. Supply and design credit to Volan Design.

General Hospital Devices and Therapeutic Products

  • Acapella chest physical therapy device Acapella chest physical therapy device, manufactured by DHD Healthcare (Wampsville, NY). Entry submitted by Product Genesis Inc. (Cambridge, MA). Combining the benefits of positive-pressure therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions, the Acapella chest physical therapy device is intended for patients with lung disease and associated secretory problems. Supply and design credit to Product Genesis Inc.
  • Goldenberg snarecoil needle Goldenberg snarecoil needle, manufactured and entered by Ranfac Corp. (Avon, MA). The Goldenberg snarecoil needle is a sterile, disposable device for obtaining bone marrow specimens in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia, while reducing patient anxiety and pain.

  • Grab ín Go III portable medical oxygen system Grab ín Go III portable medical oxygen system, manufactured and entered by Praxair Inc. (Danbury, CT). The Grab ín Go III portable medical oxygen system is a device that combines an oxygen cylinder with an integrated regulator and content gauge to increase ease of use and safety. Supply and design credit to Lewellen Design Inc. (Wooster, OH) and Western Medica (Westlake, OH), a Scott Fetzer company.

  • Protectiv Acuvance IV safety cathete Protectiv Acuvance IV safety catheter, manufactured and entered by Ethicon Endo-Surgery Vascular Access (Cincinnati, OH), a Johnson & Johnson company. The Protectiv Acuvance IV safety catheter is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, nontoxic, single-use IVC device that incorporates a passive safety feature to provide protection from accidental needlestick injuries. Supply and design credit to Bio-Plexus Inc. (Vernon, CT).

Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

  • HELEX septal occluder HELEX septal occluder, manufactured and entered by W. L. Gore and Associates (Flagstaff, AZ). The HELEX septal occluder is a permanently implanted prosthesis for minimally invasive closure of atrial septal defects in pediatric and adult patients.

  • Nucleus 24 Contour Nucleus 24 Contour, manufactured and entered by Cochlear Ltd. (Sydney, Australia). The Nucleus 24 Contour is a cochlear implant that safely places 22 stimulating electrodes adjacent to the inner wall of the cochlea. The system is designed to provide useful hearing for patients with severe to profound hearing loss and is the first implant approved by the FDA for infants as young as 12 months.

In Vitro Diagnostic Products and Systems

  • BenchMark automated histology staining system BenchMark automated histology staining system, manufactured and entered by Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (Tucson, AZ). The BenchMark automated histology staining system is a modular automated system for staining tissue samples on glass microscope slides.

  • eScreen drugs-of-abuse testing system eScreen drugs-of-abuse testing system, manufactured and entered by eScreen Inc. (Overland Park, KS). The eScreen drugs-of-abuse testing system is a networked point-of-care system, including a specimen cup with ísmart lidí and an optical reader with Internet interface. The system scans, reads, and writes assay results from drugs-of-abuse tests, then sends the confidential results to a remote recipient via a secure Internet connection. Supply and design credit to Compression/Moll Industries Inc. (Lake Forest, CA).

Medical Product Packaging, Graphic Instructions, and Labeling Systems

  • Kabiven multichamber parenteral nutrition packaging system Kabiven multichamber parenteral nutrition packaging system, manufactured and entered by Fresenius Kabi (Uppsala, Sweden). The Kabiven multichamber parenteral nutrition packaging system is a finished package designed to hold a total nutrient admixture in a single container of three chambers separated by inner seals, simplifying preparation and allowing room-temperature storage for 24 months prior to mixing.
  • Prompt L-Pop Prompt L-Pop, manufactured and entered by ESPE Dental AG (Seefeld, Germany). The Prompt L-Pop is a dental adhesive system, with contents divided into three compartments, that enables dental professionals to etch, prime, and bond in a single step.

Over-The-Counter and Self-Care Products

  • TravelMate TravelMate, manufactured and entered by Caring Hands Inc. (Hayden, ID). TravelMate is a noninvasive female urinary device designed to provide an alternative to handheld female urinals and external catheters for women. Supply and design credit to JB Engineering Inc. (Spokane, WA).

Radiological and Electromechanical Devices

  • Beta-Cath Beta-Cath, manufactured and entered by Novoste Corp. (Norcross, GA). The Beta-Cath is an interventional cardiology product intended to prevent or treat restenosis following balloon angioplasty or coronary stenting procedures in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. Supply and design credit to Auer Medical (Mesa, AZ), BeBig (Berlin-Buch, Germany), Colorado MedTech (Boulder, CO), Innovation Factory (Norcross, GA), and Plexus Corp., Technology Group (Neenah, WI).
  • DirectView CR800 system DirectView CR800 system, manufactured and entered by Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY). The DirectView CR800 system is a radiographic digital image capture and processing system intended to facilitate wide electronic distribution of x-ray images to radiologists for diagnostic use. Supply and design credit to AJL Manufacturing Inc. (Rochester, NY), Badge Machine Products Inc. (Canandaigua, NY), DCA Design Consultants (Warwick, UK), Delta Electronics Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC), Elcan Optical Technologies, a Raytheon corporation (Midland, ON, Canada), Gillette Machine & Tool Co. Inc. (Rochester, NY), IBM Corp. (White Plains, NY), K & H Precision Products (Honeoye Falls, NY), Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp. (Houston), Mercury Aircraft (Hammondsport, NY), Micro Industries (Westerville, OH), Noma Appliance & Electronics (Tillsonburg, ON, Canada), Solectron Corp. (Milpitas, CA), and Thomson Industries (Port Washington, NY).
  • Echo-Coat ultrasound needles Echo-Coat ultrasound needles, manufactured and entered by STS Biopolymers Inc. (Henrietta, NY). Echo-Coat ultrasound needles are coated to render the shaft visible with ultrasound imaging, enabling the devices to be used under ultrasound guidance during aspirations, biopsies, localizations, and amniocentesis procedures.

Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products

  • Claro and WatchPilot digital hearing instruments Claro and WatchPilot digital hearing instruments, manufactured and entered by Phonak (Warrenville, IL). The Claro and WatchPilot digital hearing instruments make up a remote-controlled hearing aid system that is the first to use two microphones to create digital response, and digital perception processing to emulate normal human hearing.
  • HELiOS personal oxygen system HELiOS personal oxygen system, manufactured and entered by Tyco Healthcare Puritan-Bennett (Indianapolis, IN). The HELiOS personal oxygen system is a high-efficiency liquid oxygen system designed for ambulatory or mobile use. It weighs only 3.4 lb when full and incorporates the first pneumatically driven oxygen conserver. Supply and design credit to Omnica Corp. (Irvine, CA).
  • Pathfinder prosthetic foot Pathfinder prosthetic foot, manufactured and entered by Ohio Willow Wood Co. (Mt. Sterling, OH). The Pathfinder prosthetic foot is designed for lower-limb amputees who have moderate to high activity levels. It combines shock absorption and energy storage capabilities with a unique ankle motion to provide users with a greater range of motion, less fatigue, and improved balance.

Surgical Equipment, Instruments, and Supplies

  • Aortic connector system Aortic connector system, manufactured by St. Jude Medical (St. Paul, MN). Entry submitted by redgroup (Minneapolis, MN). The Aortic connector system is an implanted device that creates the proximal anastomosis of an aortic autologous vein graft, providing a minimally invasive method for bypass surgery and eliminating the need for hand suturing. Supply and design credit to redgroup.
  • InsideView InsideView, manufactured and entered by LSI Solutions (Rochester, NY). InsideView is an advanced video projection method that displays high-resolution images on a sterile disposable screen positioned within the surgical field, enabling physicians to operate with a simultaneous view of the internal operative site and their hands.

  • Mammotome handheld breast biopsy system Mammotome handheld breast biopsy system, manufactured by Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. (Cincinnati, OH), a Johnson & Johnson company. Entry submitted by Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. (Chicago, IL) and Plexus Corp. (Neenah, WI). The Mammotome handheld breast biopsy system is a minimally invasive device, used under local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance, that can be used to collect multiple biopsy samples with a single needle insertion into the breast. Supply and design credit to Arrk (San Diego, CA), Cut Craft Inc. (Fort Worth, TX), Dow Plastics (Midland, MI), Herbst LaZar Bell Inc., Identco (Ingleside, IL), Innovative Machining (Neenah, WI), MPI International Inc. (Rochester Hills, MI), MPE-Inc. (Milwaukee, WI), Marksman Metals (St. Michael, MN), Phillips Plastics (Hudson, WI), Plexus Corp. (Neenah, WI), and ScottModels Inc. (Cincinnati, OH).
  • Neptune waste-management system Neptune waste-management system, designed and developed by American Immuno Tech, entry submitted by American Immuno Tech Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA). The Neptune waste-management system is used in operating rooms, pathology and surgical centers, emergency rooms, and physician offices, to evacuate, collect, and dispose of hazardous surgical fluid waste, as well as smoke from electrocautery or laser devices. Supply and design credit to American Immuno Tech Inc. and Bio-Medical Devices International (Irvine, CA). Now, owned and manufactured by Stryker Instruments, a division of Stryker Corp. (Kalamazoo, MI).
  • Tissuebond applicator and Tissuemed 180 lightsource system Tissuebond applicator and Tissuemed 180 lightsource system, manufactured by Tissuemed Ltd. (Leeds, UK). Entry submitted by DCA Design Consultants (Warwick, UK). The Tissuebond applicator and Tissuemed 180 lightsource system are a custom-designed applicator and light source that allow easy, controlled application of tissue sealant that is subsequently activated by a light. Supply and design credit to DCA Design Consultants.

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